SEVEN OMORE; the game changer and trap messiah

By Judith Kayange:

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Let’s not beat around the scrub but to go unswerving. If we can only say standard Seven C, even a child can know and sing the song without a hesitation. Let’s see who is the possessor and soloist who have traumatised the country wide with his record.
Seven O More is not a new name in the local hip-hop set-up hiphop music industry. He has been in the music industry for almost five years professionally and is still making his name harder.
Born Lovemore Emmanuel Allan Majuta on 9th November. Seven O More is a Malawian hip-hop and Afro-pop artist who is staying in Lilongwe.
So, how did he start music?
“I started music way back when I was just a kid, but I got serious in 2014 when I finished Secondar