BIOGRAPHY: Hilco Ulolo

Hilco Ulolo, contesting for 2019 UMP Awards in best female of the year.


Hilda Ulolo a.k.a Hilco is a Malawian Afro Pop artist who has been actively releasing music and performing since her debut in 2015. She was born in 1995 and is a resident of the city of Blantyre, the commercial capital of Malawi. She teamed up with Red Disc Music (J-Mass and Don T) and Matrix Records (Sispence) to come up with a sound that is described as originally African and undeniably Malawian. She has released songs that have received massive airplay such as “Usanapite”, “Ekizakitale” and “Touch and Go”.

She has worked with established Malawian artists such as Nepman and Dan Lu with who she recorded the songs “Dabulo Dabulo” and “Usanapite” respectively.

Hilco is noted to have brought an authentic Malawian sound propelled mainly in her choice of music producers (Sispense, J-Mass and Tricky Beats), as well as also with her songwriting and delivery. She touches on topics such as love and women empowerment through her music. She has been consistent with not just audio releases but video.