Get to know Dj Brown

I am Dj brown, the producer of Loyal Hustle based in Lilongwe Area 21 Kaliyeka. So far I have worked with many Artist like Quest, Vube, Dicto B(6th), Don TarZ Just to mention a few..

I had a dream of being a producer in 2008 and I started working to get my studio in 2015 in RSA where I stayed for a year and 2 months then in Botswana (Francis town) where I learnt a little of my production, then I came in 2017 December when I opened LoyalHustle. Currently Iam 23 years old.

I started my journey in 2017 December, my production is worthy 10000 voice production 8000 mixing. You can follow my page on Facebook “LoyalHustleTheFactory” on WhatsApp 0888648439

Music produced by my studio(LoyalHustle) is promoted in different platforms in Malawi and outside the country.

Jam looking forward to work with alot of artists in Malawi and other countries. Iam here to change the malawian music taste.