About UMP

*UMP Awards website About Us section*
In 2009 UMP then known as Urban Music Party held it’s inaugural event at Grin Bamboo Park in Namiwawa, Blantyre.

2009 is arguably a year in which urban music started becoming mainstream in Malawi.

Realizing it’s potential, Nde’feyo Entertainment company introduced UMP awards and festival as promotional platforms of Malawi’s urban music and culture.

Secondly, both the awards and festivals were introduced to contribute to the growth of the music industry in the country which is now providing careers and livelihoods to many youth thereby diversifying socio economies opportunities for urban youths.

As Urban Music Party grew bigger and better, becoming a national brand whereby holding events across the country, UMP later rebranded to Urban Music People and the awards ceremony and the festivals were unbandled and held differently altogether. The UMP further introduced media and fashion awards.

Currently, the production of the Awards is powered and managed by Chitoliro Productions with technical support from Five79 Promotions and Inspire Marketing.